NEWTEK was started in 1993 to supply the South African wiring harness manufacturing industry with non-intrusive test modules for the testing of harnesses prior to fitment to vehicles.
This Quality Assurance measure was introduced to prevent non-compliant parts being fitted to vehicles on-line which then have to go through a fault finding operation and having to be fixed whilst still in the vehicle.

At NEWTEK we specialize in the manufacture of Quality Test Interface Modules for the automotive industry. We manufacture both Insert and Outsert Modules, Waterproof Modules for Leak checking of Complete Vehicle Fuel Tanks and Engine “Hot Test” modules used for Engine Testing at point of manufacture, Bed of Nails Fixtures for testing and programming of PC Boards and numerous other Electrical Test Modules for sub-assemblies and assemblies throughout the motor and other industries.

We use only quality materials and source our probes from PTR or INGUN in Germany and also from IDI in the USA. All probes are either Gold or Rhodium plated for superior conductivity.
We are able to check for the following, Seal Testing (via Vacuum or Pressure), Secondary Lock Detection and Position checking, Body Clip Detection and Position checking and Component Coding.

Ford – Engine “Hot Test” Module